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Freddie-webIn early 2004 Freddie and Sonia Ambrose decided to send a get well card to a sick friend from church. At the time they realized that there was a void in reaching out to people facing life issues. Later they expanded this outreach to include birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy, weddings and just to keep in touch. When asked if there was a name for their program “Thinking of You Services” was born. Then one day Freddie, a Vietnam combat veteran got inspired by a Gulf War documentary. He remembered the anguish felt by soldiers at mail call when they did not receive mail and so it was decided to extend this outreach to them.

The holidays were earmarked as the perfect time to do so, and they began collecting cards from everyone for that cause. That year over 2,500 cards with mini bibles and tracts were sent to service personnel overseas. We also sent out eight to ten large care packages for sharing. These included items such as coffee, razors, energy bars, toiletries, and other assorted snacks. Over 200 stuffed animals were also sent through the Civil Affairs Battalion to the Iraqi children.

Locally, Thinking of You Services also donated hygiene items to the Veterans Affairs Health Care for the Homeless Veterans Program; care packaged books and stuffed animals to the South Dade Victims Center and the Ladies of the Dove Organization. That year we also received not for profit status.

In October, 2005, we held a card writing event at Southland Mall and invited the public to stop and write messages of support to the troops. That year over 3,000 cards were sent along with approximately eleven care packages. Thinking of You Services has continued to hold card writing drives at malls and community events. There is also an annual picnic. Food, refreshments, and entertainment are provided at no charge, but patrons are asked to donate care package items and names of service men and women deployed in the combat theater.

The Civil Air Patrol and the Internatonal Childs Alliance are additional recipients of goods from Thinking of You Services. We will continue to reach out to local agencies in our community when we receive items that cannot be sent to the military but can provide local benefits. However, we will always endeavor to provide encouragement for all those brave men and women who fight to maintain our freedom.

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